The Concept

Submarines, Steve Zissou, and one heck of a large Jaguar shark… If Santa can squeeze himself down this periscope he’s gonna find himself slap bang in one heck of an underwater party! Inspired by the classic Wes Anderson film, a “Very Aquatic Life” immerses guests in an underwater world complete with style, swagger and a whole whack load of wild design. Infuse it with a hint of East Coast lifestyle & culture, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a stylish, Canadian shindig that’ll be bigger than the seven seas… Ahoy!

There’s just nothing to connect like a good old fashioned laugh.

Connection through Humour

It just doesn’t get any better than Bill Murry in a silver wetsuit. Combine that with a yellow Submarine, Angelica Houston and a giant yellow submarine and you have the makings of something awesome. Steeling the same dry wit and subtle ridiculousness Anderson is famous for, “A Very Aquatic Life” promises to connect guests with light hearted humour that oozes “Hey… Let’s forget about serious for a sec”. From an “underwater” tour with live mer-perople, to a massive ball pit, guests will forget anything to do with work for a moment and get loose. Real loose.

Power… Pure and Simple

Power in Simplicity

Simple yet powerful imagery lays the foundation for “A Very Aquatic Life”. In stark contrast from the pomp and glamour of last years Masquerade, A Very Aquatic Life is an easy to execute, versatile concept that packs a punch with huge pops of muted colour, powerful typography and oversized props.
Inspired by Andersons cinematography style, rather than filling the space with a million different experiences, installations will subtly change the guests experience as they venture throughout the venue. This discovery of the new will be the hit of the night, creating fresh talking points and excitement throughout the event.

We’re all one big underwater family

Inclusion & Attainability

Every culture and religion in the world has a connection to the sea, creating a concept that is easily related no matter your background, demographic or reason for celebrating the holiday season. And with so much source material to draw from, A Very Aquatic Life provides a versatile and easily attainable style guide for dress code inspiration that ranges from a simply blue uniform to cocktail gowns.


Through loud pops of muted colour, oversized props and optical illusions the goal is to create a quirky, slightly tweaked sense of reality throughout the event. Design and sets will be simple, yet powerful placing unique lighting and depth of field as a basis point for perspective. Highlights include a giant yellow submarine, a ball pit and staff dressed in blue suits and red toques.

Inspiration Mood


Entertainment can range from the hyper strange and weird right the way to Seu Jorge inspired acoustic acts. All staff would be dressed in blue sailors uniforms with Red toques, bartenders in scuba gear with roaming acts such as mermaids, sea creatures & vintage divers scattered throughout the evening. We’d hook the DJ up to a fake “breathing tank” to give the impression that the whole room is underwater with a live “lobster” band and an acoustic guitarist performing David Bowie covers in the chill area.



Large installations that provide epic photo ops will be placed throughout the venue. The dance floor would use optical illusions to create the feeling they’re under water, a large yellow Submarine would be created to walk through as an entrance with each room of the venue being designed to mimic a room from the ship in the film. Interactions like catch the Jaguar Shark, blue ball pits, or an explorers “rickshaw” tour that would take guests off site for a unique experience.



Aside from the awesome regular menu, highlighted items would include a gourmet canned fish bar (Sardines, Herring, Mackerel, Fennel w/ Olive Oil etc), An Oyster Bar, Octopus and Fish & Chips. Bar menu would include a rum & whisky bar and perhaps…. a unique take on screech.


Style Guide

Keeping it easy and attainable, we look toward 70’s nautical fashion for a style guide. Big collars, navy blues, red stripes and sailor caps. Alternatively we look at keeping it simple by asking people simply to wear a red toque with any clothing they’d like to wear.