The Concept

Ahh December… That wonderful time of the year when it’s OK for grown ups to step into a fantasy world and pretend like a large man fits down chimneys and sugar plum fairies do whatever sugar plum fairies do. A distant cousin to the idea of a Winter Wonderland, “Mythical Creatures” borrows from Greek and roman mythology, infusing it with the fantastical emotion that’s in the December air. A dark, fantastical concept which draws on inspiration from fashion, film (Maleficent and CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia) and the Lumina series of events. The concept relies heavily on lighting, optical illusions and emotion. Striking actors & characters, bold splashes of monotone light, projection mapping and the rare dash of colour renders Mythical Creatures a moody yet impactful way to party.

Joint experience and immersion in Fantasy.

Connection through Fantasy

Mysticism has this way of transporting even the most stoic of humans back into a world of make-believe. All religions, cultures and ages relate to some element of fantasy, the fascination that something out of the ordinary is waiting to be discovered. It’s this commonality that “Mystical Creatures” plays on, connecting people through this search for the unknown, the supernatural. Plus… Who isn’t going to connect over some dude walking around in a bull mask?

No… it’s not ET.. just a beautifully lit forest.

Fear… The catalyst for together

Aside from that four letter word that starts with L… nothing connects quite like Fear. We’re not talking about the “Boo!” kinda fear, but the kind you get when you’re camping in the forest alone, taking off in an aeroplane or standing on top of a skyscraper. The dramatic use of light, sets and immersive costume all work together to re-create that feeling, and to make your hair stand up just a little straighter.

Why yes Fashion Santa… it is the season.

Tis The Season

The holidays are a time for believing in things that aren’t real. As such, Mystical Creatures plays directly into the holiday spirit. Sure… we don’t have reindeer with light-up noses or large creepy men coming down chimneys, but unlike other concepts, Mythical Creatures is an extension of the world December creates.


Inspiration came from a long walk in a forest… The blend of light and nature, the feeling of mysticism, the unknown adventure. Stir that in with a dash of Greek & Roman iconology, The Chronicles of Narnia and some horn wearing ladies and you’ve got yourself a party. A dark, yet warm concept – the dramatic use of lights, perfectly executed costumes, simple yet impactful set design and an epic menu (That may or may not include Mead) all work together to create an incredible experience.

“MAIN ROOM” Mood Board


While we haven’t quite found where we can get flying fairies and pixie dust, entertainment highlights could include a band full of unicorns, a Minotaur DJ, a heck of a ton of roaming actors for photo opps and a progressive light show throughout the venue. A big emphasis will be placed on strong, dramatic costumes that integrate perfectly to the night and, space permitting, we’d like to stage a battle between good and evil to kick the dance off, be it with actual actors or through projection mapping.



Pastimes for mythical creatures typically include things like casting spells or turning each other into a toad… Since we’re not quite at that level yet, we’ve thought outside the box. Concepts to have graced the concept board include digitally turning each other into stone (using projection mapping / photo booths), Picking poison candy apples of trees, or casting “spells” that would in turn change lighting scenes in the room. In the lounge, we’d add in Role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons & Magic the Gathering along side a guided stripped down mythical version of Warhammer… Awesome.



Most Mythical creatures eat raw meat, leaves off a tree or each other. In short they’re a bunch of savages and as such, the menu will be savage. A solid wintery menu that includes roasted meats (pig on roast?) plant based comfort food, epic soups, pints of honey mead, candy apples, turkish delight and big glasses of milk. Yep… A custom flavoured milk.


Style Guide

While being mindfull to steer away from a masquerade, initial style guides have been inspired by headware, allowing the concept to be super attainable. From a custom designed head piece to a DIY Polygon Mask, head pieces make a statement and are just awesome. Inspiration can also be directed to people’s star signs.