The Concept

Down the rabbit hole we go! Lewis Carroll was great and all… but flippin’ heck… that dude was on something serious… I mean… Hookah smoking caterpillars in 1865?? That’s some next level creative fo’ sure!! “A Trip to the Red Trap Queen” re-imagines Carroll’s fantasy world as it would be in today’s society. What would wonderland look like if it was a Drake song or an episode of Smosh? Who is todays Jabawocky or Mad hatter? Preliminary thoughts land at a hybrid between Burton-esk inspiration, tech-noir and high fashion. Our challenge is to scour Carrolls literature, his creations and look at them with a fresh perspective. This is gonna breathe new life into an over-played concept, differentiate it from past years events and give people something to write home about.

The power of nuance as inspired by Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet or Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

Connection through Nuance

The power of re-imaging a classic is the nuance. The challenge is to get creative enough to make it different, but close enough to keep the connection. The concept incubates conversation, connecting people to something they’re familiar with (A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party) and twisting it to modern day (Pulling in a snapback Cap maker and making a “Mad Cappers Prosecco Party”). It’s this nuance that allows people to challenge what they used to think, see it in a new light and have a flippin’ good time doing it.

Why Yes Mr. Caroll… Had your Tweedles been 150 years older, they would have had moustaches for sure.

It’s The Style Baby…

Despite the wild trippiness of Carroll’s imagination, one consistent anytime his story is recreated is the attention to style. From the loud, bright Wonderland imagined by Burton to the monotone design of Printemps fashion windows, Alice demands style… and style we will deliver! Much of the time and budget spent on this concept revolves around the development of it’s own unique style, designing costumes and installations that are unique, yet strong. From the moment people enter the door we want every interaction, every set, to bring them into our world.

Use of optical illusions and a bit of trickery to transport people into a new world

It’s all in the imagination…

An invitation by the red trap queen allows escape, and for this… we love it. For a few hours guests will be transported into a world where they can let their imagination go wild, forget about the stress and the problems in their day-to-day lives and just let go. This element of escape creates a lasting impression that’ll keep people talkin’ about it all year long.


The re-imagination of a classic will require many an hour of imagination and design. At first glance, we’ve been inspired by a blend of Houte Couture, Bright Tripness of Tim Burton and “Beyond Wonderland” events and urban street culture. The inspiration board below is just a preliminary look, much development and refining lays ahead.



Aside from the regular Live Bands and DJs the venue will be filled with “Actors” interacting with the guests in subtle ways. The goal is to create unique photo ops throughout the night vs attention grabbing performances, fostering chatter and hopefully a whack load of FOMO as people see pics of their co-workers with actors they didn’t see.
Additionally, all staff from security to bar will be in theme of the room. Mad Hatter, Foxes, Playing Cards or tripped out Cheshire Cats. Immersion complete.



In trend with modernizing Carroll’s world, we’re looking at interactions that are small, powerful and awesome. A “Mad Cappers Prosecco Party” which would feature an on site cap maker as swag, using Sphero balls with flamingo shaped tablets instead of actual croquet, an interactive 3D wall that people can “paint” flowers either red or white. Simple, easy to execute interactions that use up minimal floor plan. Cause of the limited space, we’ll be mostly using ceiling and wall installations, leaving floor space to be occupied by Vendors and Furniture.



As typical from our events, a custom cocktail menu will be created along with selections of craft beer, bringing in a once off cask ale, and of course… Prosecco. Food will be set-up throughout the venue at pop-up stations, themed to each room with a menu designed specifically for the night. Unique ideas include a Massive “Tea Party” Chefs table set in the middle of the room (Vs. Stations), A custom “Drink Me” Potion Station, Prosecco poured from Teapots and a “Cookie” Wall (inspired by Alice’s Cookies that make her grow).


Style Guide

Style guide for “An invitation by the Red Trap Queen” can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. From the easily attainable “Top Hat” party through to total Houte Couture take on the costumes. Preliminary inspiration has come from a street culture royalty, Pirelli’s epic 2018 calendar and reimagining Alice as a hipster… Lets dance.