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Traditional Cut n’ Paste methods of event management are reserved for wimps, our massive in-house capabilities allow us to build experiences from the ground up offering uniquely customized experiences every time.

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Getting to infinity and beyond requires pushing the boundaries of whats possible which is why we get drunk on a perfect cocktail of science, creativity and the obsession of using tech to grandstand humanity

The same way Kanye is famous for his opera, we’re famous for our concepts. From Star Trek inspired Dum-Jot tables through to derelict warehouses becoming lush garden parties we build concepts that blow the mind.

If we were Pythagoras, that theorom would have been way prettier. Trains carriages become whiskey clubs, hotel rooms? Japanese Dojos – From transporting 1500 guests across the globe to conferences involving over 50 different vendors, Tusq Logistics are done one way – Awesomely